Friday, May 1, 2009

The Result

Now this is my finished piece.

Mighty Sun, 12 x 12 inches, acrylic, vinyl, and paint chips on MDF board.

Did you notice my sun seems to be literally "walking around"...?
(That's only possible when you're round and you only got one foot to wear a cosmic boot on)
See you soon folks!


  1. I love the "walking around" - and that boot, so adorable!

    I've always loved paint chips, and wanted to do an art project with them. I like how you incorporated them in this piece. More inspiration for me! Now, if I'd just DO something with all this inspiration!

  2. Love the color & style of your work, look forward to your soon to open etsy shop! Thanks for checking out my blog too! PS. As an avid bike bike rider I was especially drawn to your bike trees!

  3. I love "Mighty Sun" ! I found your site through my POSTMARKED 2009 page -- I hope you will send us something! This site is great...I am hooked and a subscriber. I will pass it along to my friends...Thanks!! Anne