Monday, May 4, 2009

Paint Chip Fun Project

Hello everyone ! I forgot to tell you in the previous post that I missed you during the weekend. I went to garage sales and went on an art tour where I got a few special things. I'll tell you about them later, this post is about something else.

Do you still remember my last piece, Mighty Sun ? O.K, my dear friend Tikimama wrote that she loved it and that she felt inspired to create something with paint chips, just like I did in my piece. Do you still remember Cathy Nichols' "Found Art Friday" ? O.K.

Well, unintentionally, they both gave an idea.

I'm now announcing my...

Paint Chip Fun Project

(Let's abbreviate that to PCFP)

I'm encouraging all my followers, or anybody else who stops by my blog, to create something, anything, with paint chips. Could be art, DIY project, photograph, whatever you want and as creative as you want it to be. Don't be shy if you're not an artist, every mind is one different world, and it's always interesting to see what's in yours. I'll be happy to post a picture of your creation on this Friday with a link to your blog, website, etc. Submissions are due this Thursday, as late as you want as long as it's still Thursday, May 7 th. You can send your submissions to:

Are you excited already?

Go run to your closest hardware store and grab a few!

I forgot to mention that Tikimama joined me and she's having her own PCFP too, so make sure you check her blog too on Friday (mind the time-zones) if you want to enjoy some more images.

See you soon paint chip addicts !


  1. Wheeee! This is going to be fun!

  2. Mine's up too now. I reworded some of your post here, and used some of your words, too. Hope that's A-okay!

  3. SUCH a fun idea, Veronica. I will try to put something together, but if not this Friday then next time. FUN!

  4. V,
    I got my post up as well for the paintchip art. I am tan atrasado that I don't know if I will get my art done, but I am trying hard to complete it.

    I included myself in the think/idea pool because of the digital idea. Hope that's ok. Plus it made my post funnier. ¿¡Cachai!?