Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Day - PCFP

Hello everyone ! I can't believe I'm finally posting my Paint Chip Fun submissions. Thanks, big thanks to everyone who submitted, commented, or read about my fun project. Without further introductions, here they are:

My first submission was sent by Courtney, from Finding Home. It was a total coincidence, so typical to me. I had JUST posted about the PCFP when I clicked on her icon in my blog list for my daily reads. I saw these beautiful pieces made out of paint chips and of course I wrote her a message immediately. Telepathy or what ?

The turn now is for Sylvie, from Leptitpapillon. She actually works all the time with paint chips. These beautiful mobiles and garlands were already made before my invitation, but she read it and was nice enough to sent them to me just for the fun of joining. I've posted her work before, the jellyfish paper flowers, remember ? But I didn't know her other creations were made of paint chips too. Enjoy the beauty !

Next is our blogger buddy Jem, from Amidst Mod. This was a funny story. When we contacted him regarding this project, he was stuck out of town, buying a car. No computer, no time, no design tools, not in the mood, and no free paint chips around. So, I took some shots at my paint chips, sent them to him, and guess what, he managed to finish this digital paint chip image in only twenty minutes...isn't it c@@l ?

Now this little cute shadow box is from my PCFP partner Tikimama. It's called "Walking". Great tittle and sweet concept. Love the colour palette she chose ! I bet this little shoe is one of those odd pieces from our children's toy collection. Great re purposing ! Check out her blog for her daughter's submissions too...ever cute!

Last, but not least, my own piece. I called it "Shelter". Can you actually see the rain above the trees ? Well, the huge trees act like a shelter against the storm for the elephant. Funny thing is, the elephant wasn't meant to be there. It was a complete accident as usual. It resulted from cutting the semicircle for the small jellyfish in "Underwater Sub" out of a paint chip with this weird, so cool to me, purple/black colour. I just added the ear. This piece was made almost entirely with paint chips (Don't tell Home Depot).

O.K dear followers, let me tell you this is getting to be addictive. I''ll be creating more of these, and a couple creative souls told me that they will be happy to come up with something for next week. This being said, I announce that this little fun thing will be a ongoing one. Got submissions, I'll post them on the following Friday. (This sounds like a paint chip party already...hahaha...I guess Tikimama will be now hosting one since she loves to have people over...hahaha :)

Once more, thanks to all of you, this was awesome, and don't forget to check on my blogger buddies Tikimama, and Jem for more PCF submissions.

That's all folks !


  1. Hi - congratulations on your very first PCFP day! The submissions look great.

  2. OMGosh! These are fabulous. I'm so inspired to make something using paint chips. Can't wait to see what comes up next week.

  3. I'm waiting to see Tikimamas before I post. I didn't get one submission. I think it is due to late announcement and low traffic. I will post you guys articles.

    They really look good though.

  4. Fantastic! I finally, just now, at 10:00 am on Friday, got my post done, whew! What a fun week this has been, getting submissions and the anticipation of sharing them today!

    I think this is going to be quite the weekly party. JEM, just you wait, your traffic is going to increase, and you'll be amazed at the art people send you. MoonDoggie, are you going to be a co-host next time around, or a guest contributor?

    Veronica, thanks again for coming up with this idea and getting it going!

  5. These are fantastic! Veronica, your elephant piece would look just great on my wall....

  6. Great submissions!!
    Thank you so much Veronica

  7. Hey Veronica -

    Love this post. I'm a big fan of paint chips myself. Wanted to let you know that you are the big winner of my Mother's Day Giveaway. So, maybe you can convo me or email me the names of the prints you want and your address. Congrats!