Thursday, May 28, 2009

Optimistic World

The retro future has always inspired me. Why is it that yesterday's past is so attractive ?????? Maybe the concept of the future back then was safer. Everything looked so pleasant, so peaceful, so organized and easy. All the technology available to us, but still in harmony with nature. Today's concept of the future is a "bit" more scary. All the hazards...chemical contamination, genetic manipulation, etc. I just realized that there's something common in everything that inspire me. It's always about an optimistic world.



  1. "Trade Your Trouble for a Bubble" - that's just awesome! I think it will be my new mantra. I love these images, they are so hopeful. Have you seen "Wall-E", the Disney movie? It comes a lot closer to what I think our real future could look like. I didn't expect to like it, but I really did.

    I still want my flying car!

  2. P.S. to Jem - I believe I'm always first because I'm just better that way! He he he...

    I think it's actually because V. is about 3 hours ahead of me, and maybe you're one behind??

  3. I'm still waiting on my sky blue saucer. That's what you would call a sleeper!

    P.S. Tikimama,
    I'm just being a gentleman and letting you comment first as a lady. The way it should be. HE he he.... :)

  4. I love the retro future. That's the future I wanted. I remember as a kid I had so many ideas on how things would turn out. Unfortunately things didn't go exactly like I hoped they would. I love looking at all these type of pictures. It's neat to see how others envisioned our future.

  5. I have books FULL of these sort of retro future images because I like them so much! I've always loved 'The Jetsons' cartoon for the same reason. I kinda wish I knew more about science and engineering so that I'd be able to tell which of these visions are actually possible!