Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jellyfish Flowers or Flower Jellyfish ?

What is it with me and finding similarities ? I see faces in my textured ceiling, shapes in water spills (sometimes spilled on purpose), and facial expressions in cars, looking at them from the very front, the lights being the eyes. Is that normal or is it just me ?

Since the blogaddiction, now I happen to see more similarities everywhere, and must admit I found it to be very exciting. It's the same feeling you get when you read a book and then see the movie based on that same book sometime later. It almost feels like a deja vu (I tried to spell that correctly but my keyboard wouldn't let me).

This time, the turn is for jellyfish flowers
or flower jellyfish.
Who knows...

The beautiful image below is by Melissa Moss, featuring our dear ones. I find this girl's work amazing. Besides, the story of how she started painting is very interesting and touching. Go check if you haven't !

...and these beautiful paper "same things" are by the French, Canadian based Interior and object designer from "Leptitpapillon". Enjoy the'll love the paper garlands as well !

That's all folks !


  1. Thanks so much, Veronica, for the kind words and the mention of "ebb". And I love those paper things! Love your blog too.

  2. Hi veronica, thank you for your kind email and your post about my work, Your blog is really interesting,I love it.
    Mellissa is a great artist !
    Have a great day!