Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brown and Orange

Like I said before, blogging helps me organize my ideas and inspiration. This time, I'm showing you how it helps me with colour. I'm a colour addict. I usually forget to record my favourite colour combinations, so today that's all I want to do. Record a simple yet stunning one. The so MCM combination of brown and orange. I guess I like it so much because it makes me think about something yummy, like chocolate and fruit. I've been collecting these images in the past days. I got some from Jennski, Moondoggie, Biba, Flickr, and the rest, I honestly don't remember.

Enjoy the pictures!

This first picture is from my own home, a great chair
I got for free from a friend.
I still can't understand how come she didn't like it
and gave it away.

Biba from Inspiration Bubble. Great banner !

The Brady Bunch's kitchen. Awwww...

A pair of twins

A cool phone against an orange wall

A bar set...perfect for Tikimama's parties

From The Cottage Cheese.

A nice plate via Moondoggie.

The fabric. I'm almost sure my older sister had a bathing suit with this print.

The design had two big holes at each side.

Or was is a big one in the center, just to expose her belly button?


That's all folks ! See you tomorrow.


  1. Great inspiration! I loved the retro flower chairs, and Mrs. Brady! :)

  2. You would've loved growing up in my parents' house - lots of brown and orange! The earth colors were very big at the time, we had lots of earthy greens and yellow, too. Probably the reason I don't have as much of this palette in my home!

    And you're right - I need a bar set like that!

  3. Knock, knock!
    Who's there?
    Orange, who?
    Orange you glad the world is full of such inspiring color combinations?
    (Corny, I know, but I couldn't resist!)

  4. I love this color combination too. I'm envious of your gorgeous orange chair. Thanks for including my bar set!

  5. these colors remind me of my grandma's house. she had a collection of brown and orange owls on her wall. Funny how certain color combos and trigger a memory.