Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I was outside today for a while. You know, there's something called "fresh air" which I don't get very often because I'm an indoor person. Every time I do this, my neighbours (especially a Scottish one) begin to tease me. "What have you been doing all this time!...You look so pale!...You need a bit of sun! But... this time..., I proudly answered:
"Opening my Etsy store!"

Of course now everyone wanted to know; So I told one of them about it, then the other wanted to know too (like they're all gonna buy, right ? ha ha ha), so I grabbed a piece of pink chalk my daughter was drawing with and just wrote the web address on the sidewalk. "Go check!" I yelled. Well, I didn't exactly yell. So, this other smart one said that she was going to buy herself a huge chalk and that where ever she went, she would write my Store's web address on the sidewalks. I don't know if she meant it or not (hope she's not reading this lines, ha ha ha) but ...wouldn't that be cool ? Please don't think I'm lunatic...I not ? If you were going out your door one day and suddenly see it, wouldn't you just check out of curiosity ? What if it's a surprise, an epiphany, who knows...

Thing is, if one of you cool ones decide to do it, please send me the picture. I'm just testing to see how brave and adventurous an Etsian or a Blogger could be. Meanwhile, enjoy the picture and the pretty, so 80's contrast of pale pink and sidewalk grey.

Bye, bye, community !


  1. Gotta love 80's contrast colors!!! : ) Congrats on your shop! Love your work!

  2. Congratulations on your ETSY store, Veronica!! I will add you as a favorite today. And your new banner is beautiful! :))

  3. You know I'll do it! I'll put a whole string of them with all our shop addresses! And then take pix. Everyone already knows I'm crazy....