Sunday, July 26, 2009

Did I ever show you around ?

This pictures were taken in my bedroom. I LOVE to transform vintage furniture. Of the pieces you see here, the red/orange dresser (my dad had a Dodge Dart in that colour when I was little) was the only piece that I worked on. I've been having trouble trying to figure out how to fix that little defect in the spot where the four drawers meet. Any suggestions ? Still not sure about those knobs. I chose those just because I needed them to match the gold in the legs. The old paint removal and sanding were a nightmare...but it was worth it. Right ?

The green chairs (I got two more...good finds are always in odd numbers) and the two night tables (opps ! There's a pair !!!!!!! I forgot !!!!!!!! hahahahaha) are exactly like I found them.

I'll soon post about my living room and dining areas with pictures included.

By the way, Today (or tomorrow ?),
July 27 is my Birthday !


See you soon!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Recently Sold Pieces

It's cool to look back sometimes and see your evolution.
These are all sold pieces.
Some were sold during the exhibition, others on Etsy,
others from friends and relatives.

Below is my first Etsy sale,
"Gotham City", sold to Tikimama.

A relative bought it together with:
"The Rock and the Fungus" (below)

This was a commission for a designer's baby nursery in Toronto.
Her name is Patricia Quintero.
The came back from Hawaii recently and of course,
picked everything for the baby with the nautical theme.
She wanted something cool, not the typical "mix and match"
so this is what I came up with.
It's called : "Like father, like son" (below)
They knew they were expecting a boy by then.

Today I sold another piece, one of my favourites actually.
It is called "Underwater Sub"(below).
It was exhibited in The Arts Project for more than two weeks
and it was sold today, right after the show ended, and on Etsy...funny

This other one is called "Bike Trail" (below).
It was sold on the opening night to a curator I met there,
who invited me to participate in another show
called "The Colours of Latin America."
It will take place here in London, Canada
as well and on January 2010.
Can you see the three bikes ?

As I was packing up on the closing day,
cool Bruce, curator of The Arts Project, said:
"You know what? A little girl is turning twelve today.
I'm buying this one."
And he grabbed
"What are you guys looking at?" (below)
from my bag.


Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back !!!


I know, it's been too long...I missed you all!

In the next post I'll tell you about my exhibition, my life lately, my sketches (which I've decided to post more often) and inspiration. Now, I'm posting a picture of a beautiful paint chip and paper collage I got a couple of days ago. Makes me hungry... it's from Ilda Oliver... remember the creative photographer from the "Paint Chips" ?

Well, she did it again. I'm loving this ice-cream, seems how she mixed other senses (like LOVE...) with TASTE in the same piece. The eye makes total sense.

Smart girl

O.K folks, see ya tomorrow with more inspiration!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dream Space

Paint Chip City
This is my favourite.

Paint Chip Wall

Big Paint Chips Wall
You can get these big ones at Benjamin Moore Stores,
not for free though I guess

Too cute...

Paint Chip table
I think this model is originally from IKEA

Hello everyone ! I hope you liked the pcfp pics for today. You know what? I think we had enough fun with this pcfp thing. I need a change. (I had dreams of a paint chip Michael Jackson's face...insane) I'm not saying I'm not creating anything else with them or that you can't send me any submissions, but let's relax a bit. It doesn't have to be a weekly or forced thing. (I still love to work with them and love those hues anyways).

I haven't got time lately to create much. My mom-in-law is still around so my weekends are crazy. Going out, out, out, all the time. I can easily live in a cave as long as I have my laptop, my coffee, a comfortable couch and painting tools. Oh! and huge windows. Doesn't make any sense right ? A cave with windows. That's gonna be my next piece. "Cave With Windows", or "Window Cave", or "Cave with a view" or...I need to ask my friend (whenever he feels like) and English teacher Eric from Amidst Mod to give me a hand. But it's interesting, that's my dream space. A comfy cave (full of MCM refurbished furniture) with a view where I can't be bothered and can paint the whole day long.

Dream on...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Show Pics

Thanks again to all of you who wished me luck at the show.
It was cool, and I needed those encouraging words.
I'm in bed now, trying to write as my baby girl sings between us two.
This is hopeless, I can't focus.
See you later !