Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back !!!


I know, it's been too long...I missed you all!

In the next post I'll tell you about my exhibition, my life lately, my sketches (which I've decided to post more often) and inspiration. Now, I'm posting a picture of a beautiful paint chip and paper collage I got a couple of days ago. Makes me hungry... it's from Ilda Oliver... remember the creative photographer from the "Paint Chips" ?

Well, she did it again. I'm loving this ice-cream, seems how she mixed other senses (like LOVE...) with TASTE in the same piece. The eye makes total sense.

Smart girl

O.K folks, see ya tomorrow with more inspiration!



  1. Welcome back :D

    Still loving those chips...

  2. oh i adore icecreams! and from month i'm eating more than 3 times a day! i don't know how i fit in my shorts ! lol
    This is GREAT paint chip work! so pretty and artistic! :) Have a grat day, Veronica!

  3. Ilda's new pc piece is so cool! Ha ha ha! I love the little eye.