Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dream Space

Paint Chip City
This is my favourite.

Paint Chip Wall

Big Paint Chips Wall
You can get these big ones at Benjamin Moore Stores,
not for free though I guess

Too cute...

Paint Chip table
I think this model is originally from IKEA

Hello everyone ! I hope you liked the pcfp pics for today. You know what? I think we had enough fun with this pcfp thing. I need a change. (I had dreams of a paint chip Michael Jackson's face...insane) I'm not saying I'm not creating anything else with them or that you can't send me any submissions, but let's relax a bit. It doesn't have to be a weekly or forced thing. (I still love to work with them and love those hues anyways).

I haven't got time lately to create much. My mom-in-law is still around so my weekends are crazy. Going out, out, out, all the time. I can easily live in a cave as long as I have my laptop, my coffee, a comfortable couch and painting tools. Oh! and huge windows. Doesn't make any sense right ? A cave with windows. That's gonna be my next piece. "Cave With Windows", or "Window Cave", or "Cave with a view" or...I need to ask my friend (whenever he feels like) and English teacher Eric from Amidst Mod to give me a hand. But it's interesting, that's my dream space. A comfy cave (full of MCM refurbished furniture) with a view where I can't be bothered and can paint the whole day long.

Dream on...


  1. Anytime you want help you just ask. The art is very nice by the way.

  2. Como no recuerdo si te di las gracias por seguirme, te las doy ahora. la cabeza la tengo pa'lla, ja,ja,ja.

    Hace un tiempo que sigo tus entradas, y queria decirte que me gusta tu trabajo en general.


  3. sounds good. I'm imagining a little pod where there is only one entrance/window to enter and look out of, and it allows only you to come and go.

  4. Those are really incredible pictures.
    I hope you get some extra time to create soon.


  5. Amazing - I would never have the patience for projects like these.

    Maybe your cave could have just high windows and skylights to give you a beautiful view, but no distractions! And lock the door!