Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Recently Sold Pieces

It's cool to look back sometimes and see your evolution.
These are all sold pieces.
Some were sold during the exhibition, others on Etsy,
others from friends and relatives.

Below is my first Etsy sale,
"Gotham City", sold to Tikimama.

A relative bought it together with:
"The Rock and the Fungus" (below)

This was a commission for a designer's baby nursery in Toronto.
Her name is Patricia Quintero.
The came back from Hawaii recently and of course,
picked everything for the baby with the nautical theme.
She wanted something cool, not the typical "mix and match"
so this is what I came up with.
It's called : "Like father, like son" (below)
They knew they were expecting a boy by then.

Today I sold another piece, one of my favourites actually.
It is called "Underwater Sub"(below).
It was exhibited in The Arts Project for more than two weeks
and it was sold today, right after the show ended, and on Etsy...funny

This other one is called "Bike Trail" (below).
It was sold on the opening night to a curator I met there,
who invited me to participate in another show
called "The Colours of Latin America."
It will take place here in London, Canada
as well and on January 2010.
Can you see the three bikes ?

As I was packing up on the closing day,
cool Bruce, curator of The Arts Project, said:
"You know what? A little girl is turning twelve today.
I'm buying this one."
And he grabbed
"What are you guys looking at?" (below)
from my bag.



  1. "Like Father, Like Son" is just too cute.
    I adore all of them.


  2. I love you style and technique! I would love to see your how you design your interiors. Looks wonderful!


  3. I'm soo glad your selling your pieces. Hopefully you will continue to have success. Maybe soon my will sell when I set up my Etsy.

    It's good to have you back!

  4. Congrats Veronica, I really like your 'Underwater sub'!

  5. Awesome! my favorite is the second on from the top.

  6. Congrats on the sales Veronica! I just know your Etsy shop is going to grow so fast and soon you won't even be able to keep up with demand! Love the nautical collages for the kid's room!

  7. That's so great that you are selling all these. I love the Rock and Fungus best.
    How is your "My Pod" illustration coming along?

  8. Fantastic Veronica!! I'm still so proud to be your first Etsy sale. I look at your painting every day and I love it more and more. It makes me very, very happy! I sure hope you do more prints of your pieces, especially since some of these originals are no longer available. Underwater Sub is one of my faves!