Friday, July 3, 2009

Show Pics

Thanks again to all of you who wished me luck at the show.
It was cool, and I needed those encouraging words.
I'm in bed now, trying to write as my baby girl sings between us two.
This is hopeless, I can't focus.
See you later !


  1. looks great! Isn't it funny how totally zapped you can get after a show? All the prep, anxiety and a couple hours of fame, then CRASH! Congrats Veronica, Karin

  2. V, I'm glad it went well for you! I hope you have many more exhausting shows in the future, but ones that sell your art for like, $5000 each. That's the kind of show I'm talking about! Yeah....

  3. Your art looks great on display!
    My favourite is still 'Underwater Sub' but 'Dancing Trees' really stands out to me on that wall.
    So proud of you V! Congratulations on your first exhibition. :D

  4. I love your coment "I never grew up..." I feel the same way. I'm sure the exhibition was a great success.

  5. Veronica!
    You survived it!
    I just knew it would go well for you. You have too much talent and beautiful spirit to fail. Speaking of beauty, look at that family of yours! You are one lucky young lady!

    Cheers! :)

  6. Congrats on your exhibition. That is fantastic!

  7. :) i`m proud that i know you! really..i mean it! you`re so talented, veronica :) the photos(with your family i guess) are great. everyutnig is so nice and joyful!
    By the way i Tagged you! hope you can find time for this game :)

  8. Veronica, I feel especially bad that I didn't leave you comments way back when I read these posts about your exhibition. I was really in a funk at the time, but I was so happy and excited for you. I am so glad that it went well for you, because I believe you truly deserve it. Your pieces look so beautiful on display, and your family is just wonderful. They must be so proud of you!!