Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hello! Today is the opening night of my exhibition. I'm kind of scared/excited/nervous, and I shouldn't be because I'm not the only artist anyway, it's a group of eight. But still.

I didn't wanted to skip this week's pcfp, but eventhough I was too nervous to make one, I'm posted about other people's ideas. Enjoy them and wish me luck for tonight !

paint chip alphabet
It was done with paint chips
and scrapbook letters.
So easy..

paint chip wall

paint chip mosaic

match box style paint chip notebooks

paint chip curtains

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yellow, Blue, Red

Thank you, thank you, thanks to all of you who commented on my blog!

Makes me wanna blog, blog, blog...

Today's blog is about inspiration.

Colour inspiration.

Let's not be afraid of colour anymore, especially of primary ones.

My dear country's (Colombia) flag is just yellow, blue, and red.

Clowns dresses have these colours.

Your first Lego blocks too.

Even M&Ms.

I love the "Circus like" and "Carnival like" environment
they create.

I posted this pictures to honour my flag

and to remind us that we shouldn't be afraid of colour.

Oh, I almost forgot!
The lady clown in the last picture is me
wearing my daughter's Potato Head's mouth.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm lazy Today.

I guess it's the weather.

It was so hot Today !

But anyways,

I found something
really interesting made with paint chips.

A paint chip embroidery,
paint chip card holders,
and paint chip notebooks.

These are interesting.

I found them on Juliet Ames' blog. The embroidery was made by Lisa Salomon, discovered by Juliet at The Beholder, and the card holder and notebooks are from Design Verb. There's even a detailed tutorial on how to make the card holder on this site.

(if you find yourself with nothing to do on a rainy day)

Last, my submission. Hope I made you laugh at least!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day !

This is a commission I did for a friend. Well, for her baby actually because it's for his nursery. If you can't read the text in it, it says, "Like father...like son." I chose this one for today's post because of the summer theme, and because of father's day. My intention was to post it together with a poem about fathers, but I went googling and can't tell you which was the tackiest ! One of them was written by a dad about the late night colic's of his daughter and mentions the word "burping"....hahaha

I wish all the daddy's out there a happy father's day !!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dante Terzigni

This was a surprise...as I was going through my reader's recent comments, I stopped on one from someone I didn't know. His name was Dante, pretty Italian eh ? He wrote that my work was inspiring. Sooooooo.....I went on to his blog just out of curiosity and what a surprise. I didn't know he was an illustrator, and such a talented one ! His work is great and VERY inspiring to me. Click here to check his blog. It's worth it !

Monday, June 15, 2009


Hello... I feel so lonely today. Not one single submission for my Paint Chip Fun Project :(


since I'm a resourceful woman,

I did a little research on paint chip art and...

OMG check these out !!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, paint chip cookies byBAKE AT 350...period.

Cool print over tomato red paint chip by PAPERSTORIES.

Paint chip tree and butterfly by EVERYTHING IS RANUNCULUS.

Last, but not least, my submission.
(It actually does look "least" compared to the paint chip cookies.)

Paint chip blinds !!!!!!

I know, I didn't really glue them, but if you got some old blinds and want to give them a new look, why not ?

See ya next Monday with more pc art, and see ya tomorrow (hopefully) with more updates.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fatherhood in Mars - finished piece

O.K., this my "Fatherhood in Mars" finished (I think) piece. The last pic was taken under a tree shade to give it a more "mysterious" touch, the middle one, under direct sunlight to bring out any shadows, and the first one...I guess this one's the official one. Do you like it ?

About my PCFP, I did create something. But, I realised that everyone has more time to create during the weekend rather than on Thursdays. That's why I decided to give it a twist. I'll be posting my PCFP every Monday instead. I hope you're all O.K. with that.

O.K folks, I'll run to Tikimama's to see what she thinks about this. See you on Monday with my PCFP and have a great, creative, and inspiring weekend !

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fatherhood in Mars

This is a work in progress for father's day. I still can't determine if it's finished or not. It's a dad with his two children, inside an oxygen bubble, in a trip to Mars. I'll post the last version once it's finished.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

Here's a picture of my paint chip project under daylight. I finally decided on this version, don't know why. If you have any submissions for this Friday, make sure you send them to me at my e-mail: vdiago@hotmail.com

See ya!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My interview with Jennski !!!!!

Hello everyone! It's been years...can't believe It's so long since. I've been busy and out of town finishing a commission. I'll post that later.

I'm so happy about my interview on Jennski's blog. It was posted on Thursday and I didn't find out til last night!!! I've been away from my computer, you know. O.K, no more wording. Here's the link to the interview. In my picture, I'm wearing pj's, my usual outfit. The background is a mural on our basement I painted a couple of months ago. Enjoy and give me feedback !