Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yellow, Blue, Red

Thank you, thank you, thanks to all of you who commented on my blog!

Makes me wanna blog, blog, blog...

Today's blog is about inspiration.

Colour inspiration.

Let's not be afraid of colour anymore, especially of primary ones.

My dear country's (Colombia) flag is just yellow, blue, and red.

Clowns dresses have these colours.

Your first Lego blocks too.

Even M&Ms.

I love the "Circus like" and "Carnival like" environment
they create.

I posted this pictures to honour my flag

and to remind us that we shouldn't be afraid of colour.

Oh, I almost forgot!
The lady clown in the last picture is me
wearing my daughter's Potato Head's mouth.


  1. Ha ha - you look a wee bit scary in that pic! :)
    Lovely bright colours - I especially like to wear red!

  2. :)))) Perfect colors so vivid! i really love COLORFUL puctures they have such an influence over me. And by the way as i saw 1st picture and the title it occurs to me the great color painting by Piet Mondrian. I`m nicely surprised that you think of it :) Wish you a great colorful day, Veronica :)

  3. I thought I would let you know that Glidden is giving quarts of paint away! I saw it on tv and they have a good selection too! (I'm not spamming you I just know you like paint chips and figured you'd like paint too! )

  4. I like a lot of these photos. La cosas interesante es que yo use estes colores en mi pintura nueva que yo ese hoy. I haven't posted about it though. You have to go to my flickr. You know where it's at.

  5. Love the colors...... I have good intentions but life got in the way, I will submit soon to the paint chip art.

  6. Awesome post!! i LOVE that miro piece.

  7. Thanks for the post of Primary Colors. I teach art lessons from my home. My next lesson is an introduction to color. I think I will show my students this post as part of the lesson.

  8. Gotgeous colours-gorgeous images!an inspiration! Thank you-

  9. Great photos. I love those colors.