Friday, June 12, 2009

Fatherhood in Mars - finished piece

O.K., this my "Fatherhood in Mars" finished (I think) piece. The last pic was taken under a tree shade to give it a more "mysterious" touch, the middle one, under direct sunlight to bring out any shadows, and the first one...I guess this one's the official one. Do you like it ?

About my PCFP, I did create something. But, I realised that everyone has more time to create during the weekend rather than on Thursdays. That's why I decided to give it a twist. I'll be posting my PCFP every Monday instead. I hope you're all O.K. with that.

O.K folks, I'll run to Tikimama's to see what she thinks about this. See you on Monday with my PCFP and have a great, creative, and inspiring weekend !


  1. I really like this piece. It is REALLY good! I actually think that the 2nd photo should be your official. I find the 3rd one the most captivating though.

  2. This piece is excellent! I love the little floating dad and kids.

    What's with you and Jem both doing Mars pieces today? Was their a conference I missed?!

    I think Monday is a brilliant idea for PCFP. I didn't have time to get anything done (see my blog post for today for explanation!) and maybe I can by Monday. It'll be a fun way to start the week, too.

  3. Ha ha - love the little space critter/martian to the bottom left.
    And you're right I'm probably more likely to submit something on a Monday for pcfp.

  4. That looks great. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Cheers!

  5. Hi Veronica, I just came across your blog. Your work is very innovative and inspiring!

  6. Veronica: This is very beautiful. It gives me a feeling of peace just looking at it. -- Mykal

  7. Hey, Veronica!
    Sorry I'm so late checking this out, but I've been kinda busy.

    Anyway, 'Fatherhood in Mars' is just incredible! I totally LOVE the colors, and it's such a happy piece.

    Color me IMPRESSED!