Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day !

This is a commission I did for a friend. Well, for her baby actually because it's for his nursery. If you can't read the text in it, it says, "Like son." I chose this one for today's post because of the summer theme, and because of father's day. My intention was to post it together with a poem about fathers, but I went googling and can't tell you which was the tackiest ! One of them was written by a dad about the late night colic's of his daughter and mentions the word "burping"....hahaha

I wish all the daddy's out there a happy father's day !!


  1. They're really cute V!
    I love the colours you've used in them.

  2. Veri nice veronica! bravo! in my country we don`t have such a day as father`s day and i`m sorry about that. :) have a sunny weekend!

  3. They look so great!! I love the colors and writing! :)

  4. Very cool- I am sure both father and son will treasure them...

  5. These are FABULOUS! Really, they are so clever and the whimsical style is wonderful.

    When my ship comes in I'll have you do something for me. Okay?

  6. Beautiful work, Veronica!
    It's so playful, and PERFECT for a nursery!