Monday, June 8, 2009

My interview with Jennski !!!!!

Hello everyone! It's been years...can't believe It's so long since. I've been busy and out of town finishing a commission. I'll post that later.

I'm so happy about my interview on Jennski's blog. It was posted on Thursday and I didn't find out til last night!!! I've been away from my computer, you know. O.K, no more wording. Here's the link to the interview. In my picture, I'm wearing pj's, my usual outfit. The background is a mural on our basement I painted a couple of months ago. Enjoy and give me feedback !

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  1. Feedback: It's awesome! I think the interview sounds really good, your answers are interesting. She posted great photos of your art, your home and you (in your p.j.s - I never would have known!). The comments left have been very positive too!