Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm lazy Today.

I guess it's the weather.

It was so hot Today !

But anyways,

I found something
really interesting made with paint chips.

A paint chip embroidery,
paint chip card holders,
and paint chip notebooks.

These are interesting.

I found them on Juliet Ames' blog. The embroidery was made by Lisa Salomon, discovered by Juliet at The Beholder, and the card holder and notebooks are from Design Verb. There's even a detailed tutorial on how to make the card holder on this site.

(if you find yourself with nothing to do on a rainy day)

Last, my submission. Hope I made you laugh at least!


  1. Classic! I felt just like your gray paint chip on sunday. Wishing we could have a little summer down here. So tired of gray skies.

  2. i feel very comfortable when it rains :) i`m listening to jazz and everythings is just so perfect

  3. I sort of like the slow rainy days- As long as I can have a good latte and good blogs to look into- Yours is always fun- even when you are feeling grey !- I love Lisa Solomon's work, she has a great blog too-

  4. wow veronica now i just saw that you have a playlist! it`s like I made it! amazing.

  5. It's interesting what people can do with unique materials. These are good ideas.

  6. So cool. You always have a fun and interesting blog.

  7. aw, these are really cute! thanks for sharing :)

  8. I think I've seen that colour before! It visits as all every now and then. Actually you make it look quite cool.

  9. This PCFP "submission" is too funny!
    I think most everyone has days like this...

    But, Veronica, YOU are certainly NOT boring!