Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes, M stands for Monday. You all know the story now, so lets get going. The first piece is from Moondoggie. Isn't it cute ? I feel like playing doll house again. It's a rendering of a mid century modern living room with a fireplace. I love it as well as the pod chair at the right. I think the lack of glue isn't a problem here. It looks great and "temporary".

This beautiful paint chip tree is from Tikimama. She posted two versions because she thought it was missing something, and I think she was right. The little cardinal at the right really gives the final touch. (I'm not a baseball fanatic, o.k?) Make sure you check her blog for more details.

Last but not least, mine. You're gonna think I copied Moondoggie's, but no. It was a total coincidence. We had the same idea of the paint chip bricks, only mine is a wall and it's called "Humpty Dumpty" for obvious reasons. I couldn't decide on these two versions, just like Tikimama, so I decided to post both to see what you think. Hope you give me your opinion so I'm able to glue the last piece. I'll post a better picture of "the chosen one" at daylight.

O.K everyone, thanks again for all the support
and nice words about my daughter.

(I kept the bikini.)

See ya !

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  1. I like the second version of yours too! I see more delineation between the wall and the sky in that one. Great concept!

    So glad you're "back"!! I'm gearing up to have something ready for this Friday's PCFP!