Monday, May 18, 2009

Inspiring Space

Murphy and Murphy Architects is a very well known firm here in Ontario. I happen to go to their building every Saturday; It's one of those spaces that inspire me. I'm not an expert, but in my opinion, it is a Mid Century Modern jewel. I don't get to see architecture from this time period very often around here, so when I do, I get very emotional. Let me guide you through a tour.

This is how the building looks from the outside.
They had this cool mural of a fire engine on the side wall,
but they covered it to replace it with a new one.

Here's a picture of the mural design
and another one of how the building used to look.

Check out the waiting room isn't it great ?
The couch, coffee table, side table, the cork covered wall,
even the print on the fabric speaks the same language.

These lamps were salvaged from an old warehouse. So MCM.

So much metal, wood, stone, light, and open space.

This are the handles of the washroom cabinets.
So atomic, right Tikimama?

This is the last picture. It's a mural in the basement.

Well, that's all for Today.
I hope you liked the tour through this beautiful office building.
See you tomorrow with more inspiring ideas.


  1. I can see how you get inspired by this place, it's great! I love it when buildings are restored to an era in which they belong... Those lights are gorgeous!

    Nice Post!!!

  2. Oh yeah, those are atomic, all right! I truly love the rock wall, the cork wall, and the coffee table. What a beautiful place to visit!

  3. What a cool building! I love the lobby area and the wood grain on that gorgeous door.

  4. Very cool office! I would love to work in that type of environment.

  5. How amazing is that!! It is so gorgeous!

  6. Why can't we ALL work in a place as swingin' as that?!