Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's Up ?

Hello there ! I'm almost done with this new piece. I still don't know how I managed to do it with all the excitement going around the Paint Chip Fun. I dream about paint chips every night. This is my work in progress.

I'll call it "Underwater Sub".

Talking about paint chips...I got a couple submissions already!! This is better than coffee. One was a complete coincidence. As I posted that very same day, I came up to this artists blog and she had just posted herself two beautiful images of art pieces made out of paint chips. I sent her a message immediately and she was nice enough to reply with the attachments. The second one came over for a virtual visit and she wrote back with a bunch of pictures. She actually works with paint chips all the time !!!!!! Like she said, she's an addict of working with paint chips. Can't wait to post !

This little (or big now) boy is my son, and the bottom image is a paint chip from the Disney colour selection. Get going folks, end line tomorrow late !!!

See you soon !


  1. I am really intrigued by this paint chip idea. I love the sound of it - but I can't really think what to do with them. I'll wait and see some submissions first or if I manage to get some I'll do submit something silly.

  2. This new piece is gorgeous! You really have to stop making new things, because I'm going to go broke when you open your shop!

    I've gotten a couple of submissions too! One is from the same one you've got - she sent it to both of us, and one is a big surprise! I'm still expecting my friend Anthony to send me something, and then, of course, I've got to come up with *something*!!

  3. Looks great. I wish I could join your paint chip project, but I'm soooo busy finishing up school for the semester. Maybe next time. Enjoying your blog. :)

  4. I love your new piece! The paint chip project is too fun. If I weren't working on 2 remodel jobs right now (meaning 60+ hour weeks and Etsy shop in addition), I'd be working on a paint chip project of my own.

    P.S. I tag you too!