Thursday, May 14, 2009

PCFP - Chapter II

Hello paintchipers! Thanks again for responding to this funky request. I feel like printing all the pictures from our PCFP and cover an entire wall with them ! Well, here they come again:

The first one is from our dear blogger friend Moondoggie. Her words about the piece are really fun. Check them out: "After a bit of drama (paint water spilling on chips), a few resourcing problems (no glue), some technological glitches (wrong photo resolution) and some digital manipulation (the easy part) here is my submission to this week's paint chip fun Friday. Dah dada DAH! MoonDoggie logo paintchip stylee!" Read this words in British accent please. How neat ...(I'm saying 'cool' too much so I changed it to 'neat'...) I posted her logo too so you can see how she recreated it with paint chips.

"Paint Chips", as in "Potato Chips" you get it ? The ones below were sent to me by the same photographer who took the picture for my late spring post, remember ? Ilda Oliver. Her initial idea was to get some paint chips (paper ones, not potato ones), and then cut them round and fold them like an accordion, but then she decided to paint these. I think what she finally did was more realistic. I love the result...s000OOO()()()OOO000 coooOOO()()()OOOoool !

The turn now is for our other blogger friend and co-host of the PCFP, Tikimama ! She did an awesome job again. Funny thing is, she's not supposed to be an artist. At least that's what she says. It's called :"Music to my Eyes". Great tittle...never thought we could actually "see" music. She proves it. So atomic, so tiki, so her: "If you look at this image bigger (you should be able to click to enlarge), you can see that all of the paint chips I used have musical names for the colors. The images are stamps I've had for a long time and never used, with black and silver ink." Please do this on her blog, you won't be able to do it here. It's worth it !

Remember my weird paint chips from Sico? The curvy ones? Well, our blogger and comedian Jem and Tonic asked me to send him some pictures of those. Here's what he came up with. Simply great ! He called it "Balance". He didn't mention anything about how long it took him to finish it, but I'm assuming he'll say 20 minutes just like he did last week. Do you believe him? (Just for fun, let me know in your comments if you believe that's true or not. Just for fun.)

Last, my baby. It has a special meaning to me. I called it "Ode to my Family". The tall figure is my hubby, followed in height by me, then my boy dressed in camouflage as usual and the peachy, chubby small thing in the middle is my daughter, looking up as always. The object at the extreme left is our couch in the living room, the object at the extreme right is our house's door. This actually matches the real layout of our house. The ones at the top...could be clouds, paintings, thoughts, conversations, ideas, dreams ..................

I love my family, what can I do ?

Well, thanks for joining me in another chapter of our
Paint Chip Fun Project.
Don't forget to check Tikimama's and Jem's blogs for more of PCFP.

That's all folks !


  1. It actually took me 53 minutes or something like that. That was only because I had to do a lot of cropping from your photos. I mean, MAN! If your going to take photos for me to use in my art work, the least you could do is pin down the corners of the cards and put them closer together so that I don't have to do any cropping. I mean... Just no respect the precious time of an Artist.

    No, really, Thank you once again for the images. Next week I will try to create something better.

    Oh yeah, Ummm Ummm... those chips look good! Makes me want to by some Lay's potato chips.

  2. Those potato chips look soooo real! What a creative mind to think of this. I love it! Also I love your very creative, and inspiring.

  3. oh my gosh! I can't believe the potato chips. That's classic. And you have a very cute paint chip family as well. When I get back from sundays show, I'm putting my project together. Have a great weekend. Karin

  4. I love your "paint chip family"'ve inspired me to do one of my own family portraits...

  5. I absolutely love all the paint chip art!!! What a cool idea. And your blog banner is awesome too. I have to get myself to the paint center, you have inspired another soul!
    Xo, SuZi

  6. Veronica, it's me from Pop Circus! I finally found some time to check out your blog and I LIKE what I'm seeing! Your artwork, especially, is fantastic! The music is nice, too. I will try to "pop" in more often...

  7. Whoa! How did I forget to comment here??!! I think I was so busy getting my own post up!

    How the heck is Ilda going to follow up on those chips? Glad to see you are getting some visitors interested in participating - I think it helps that you follow such artsy blogs!