Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mighty Sun

So, this is a picture of a work in progress.
"Mighty Sun", I will call it.
(I'm speaking like Master Joda)
Is it me or this picture (Mod Podge included) looks like a finished piece already ?
Hope to finish and post it by tomorrow.
See ya !


  1. It looks hot! Literally, figuratively.

    Yeah, the Mod Podge kinda blends!

  2. Yeah, I thought it was finished. By the way, I don't like you anymore... Turning out all this new fangled nice work, while I struggle to turn out, well... "What's Cook'n". Thanks to you, I quit! Ja Ja Ja :)

  3. ja ja ja (ha ha ha, for those who don't speak Spanish)

    Tikimama, what do you think about our pathetic friend Eric Mod ? Now he doesn't like me anymore when everything I have done is praising his art and talent! jajaja

    Dear Eric, you go ahead and design a series of lamps or any other object (think I told you that before)and you'll see them "fly" on Etsy...take my word. I hope your wife gets a place to store her _ _ _ _ _wear soon.

    jajaja...(don't hate me, it's just a joke).

    Big hugs to you both and thanks for your ongoing support !

  4. Loving this one Veronica :)

    And Jem, you told Tikimama and I to play nicely but your behaviour disappoints me... (shakes head sadly and waves finger) Be nice!

  5. I'm sorry! :( I'm just cranky when it gets late. I will be better in the future. Please don't make sit in the corner.

    Veronica, please understand that I think your art is really great! Well, in reality I like all that everyone in our circle does. Keep it up!

  6. Veronica, I just found your blog and I *LOVE* your work :) Congrats!
    La proxima vez te escribo en español ;)