Friday, April 24, 2009

EmmieBean's Prints

How cool is this ? My sister has a boyfriend we all love. I can't wait 'til they marry just to have an excuse to get her one of these. This is from EmmieBean ; affordable and customized with your

In her own words:

"This is a print of my original digital painting "Male Neighbor." It was inspired by a humorously odd vintage 1960s photograph of two girls, a man, and his puppy visiting at the trailer park. This illustration was featured in "Solastalgia" at Gallery 1434.

Please convo me or email me at sadieraber [!at] if you have a personal vintage photograph that you would like illustrated. Thanks for visiting!"


  1. I really like your paintings and collages, Veronica:) Very neat:) I could really see how one would design a room around one of your pieces:)

  2. You're so funny Veronica. Thanks for lurking in my blog! I've been reading yours, and I must say, I am a huge Shag fan too. My brother in law has gone to many of his shows and owns a few limited edition prints.
    Also, you're art is fabulous! I love your style, and will be following you from now on. Cheers, Karin