Saturday, April 18, 2009

Accidental Monster

Just a sample of how I play with left over cutouts to find new shapes or weird animals. One of the cutouts is the moon on top of the tower in "Free Hugs." Now I need to get some eyes, background, texture and story. We'll see what we get.


  1. Hello Veronica,

    I just noticed you as a new follower of my blog, and I'm very excited to find yours! I just looked at your art on Flickr, and I think it is wonderful! There are several pieces that I thought, "I want to have that!" You are very talented. Do you sell your pieces? I really look forward to reading more about you and your artistic process, and to seeing more of your art!

  2. Okay, I'm back! I just went and left comments on your Flickr photostream. I am just so excited about your work - it really speaks to me!

    On a side note, I found it really helpful to add a widget on my blog that lets you find people's latest comments, because it's very tiresome to go searching back through blog posts to see if there any new ones! You can find the one I used on the sidebar of my blog, and click through from there. Hope that helps!

  3. Love to see your work in progress...I live in the 1000 Islands, Ontario...just east of you know this area?? Not too far from you. I am becoming a follower..and hope you will be back to visit my blog soon!!