Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Can you believe the similitude between this two images ? This first one is from Shag. No comments...amazing like all his work.

I found this second one via moondoggie. Love her blog, by the way. If you haven't, it's worth taking a look. This picture was taken by Julius Shulman. Ever amazing... same windows, architecture, view, atmosphere, people, even the big planter outside as in Shag's (except there's nobody dancing naked in this one). I just noticed it's night time in both too. Shag's got a moon; the picture's got a round ceiling lamp that resembles a moon anyway. Wow...such synchronicity.

Today, I've been working on a piece I can't wait to share. I'm waiting until tomorrow night because it'll hopefully appear on Cathy Nichols' blog on Friday and I don't want to spoil the surprise. This week's theme is TASTE. See you tomorrow night my seven followers !


  1. The building on the sketch above would seem to be the Capitol Records office building in Los Angeles.

  2. Thanks for mentioning my blog! :)
    I'm not sure if that exact picture was used in the Modernism Rediscovered book (that I covet so badly). It was Jules Shulman's photograph though (of case study house #22, so it may be in there as well.

  3. Case Study House #22 is overlooking Los Angeles, and Shag's painting appears to be a takeoff on the photo, inclucing the Capitol Records building, as LL said, the CineramaDome, and Pann's coffee shop (there's your Googie, MoonDoggie!)

    Here's a photo of the house these days (this is just a random shot I found on Flickr; there are 465 more on Flickr alone!).

    Can't wait to see your new piece Veronica! And thanks for adding my blog button!

  4. This is a perfect example of how the chain goes. Hay gang... Every where we go the other is there, going to be there, or has already been there.

    Veronica, Thanks for the offer to help me with my spanish, and thanks for listing my blog. I put yours on mine as well. I apologize, I'm just slow at getting around to things.

  5. Thanks for adding me too Eric! About the gang, it's true, we're "The Fantastic Four" now. Oops, were you only talking to Moondoggie and Tikimama ? Sorry to sneak in if that's the case.

    ha ha

  6. I feel like I'm part of a really cool club now!

    Veronica, did you see my response to you about my blog button on my Atomic bag post? Well, it's there!