Monday, April 27, 2009


I just read a posting today that reflected EXACTLY how I feel since I've become addicted to blogging. I've been thinking about writing a note to describe my feelings of "over-inspiredness" to see if it feels better, but I couldn't have done it like DeannaMaree did in her blog. Hope this helps you too, the ones that feel like me about seeing so much (too much) art and inspiration thanks to the Internet. Like she says, it's good up to one point, but don't get overwhelmed. Check out this words:

Enjoying the Ride

Have you ever felt over-inspired? Sometimes I spend so much time absorbed in the blogs and websites of all the talented and gifted creative people out there that it somehow becomes very overwhelming. I end up with so many ideas and know so much about everyone else that I just end up will a mass of confusion and it all leads to feelings of inadequacy. It is something that has really been strangling my own creativity lately - comparing my work, and my stage in this journey with others - wondering will I ever be like they are? To a point, it is so helpful exploring the creative worlds of other artists, to see what is possible - it can be encouraging to see that others have done this, so I can too! But I think it needs to be left at that - I find when I start comparing myself, and my work with other artists I get such an overwhelming feeling of anxiety, my stomach churns all day, and suddenly I put so much pressure on myself to create. I feel that I should have done so much more already, that I am so far behind everybody else - but the more pressure I feel under, the less I seem to create, and the worse I feel. I want to enjoy the journey, to stop reaching for something that I may never get. We are always reaching out at something, wanting more - and too often forget about the wonderful journey we are on. Today I went into my studio with nothing in my mind other than the phrase 'Enjoy the Ride'.. Here is the result..


  1. I have to agree with this post. However, before I started blogging or even really searching the e-net for inspiration I found that just one good artist, or some times just the junk in a pile gave the same feeling. I think that as artist we always aspire for what could be, or what "should be", and therefore always feel behind.

    Because of these feelings I just try to let it go and work on one or two things at a time. I figure, well... If I though of it once I will probably think of it again.... So why worry about it! In other words; Te caches, Te caches. Bien hecho, eso es un buen tema.

  2. Hello! Thankyou so much for your sweet comment, and for including me on your blog. I have seen your work before, I love it.. I don't think I have ever visited your blog before though.. yes, another one to follow! Thankyou!