Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Similitudes

One of my teachers from college used to say things like: "Ideas are Universal" or "Ideas Travel". He also said we could never imagine a colour that we had never seen before (Try to do that). After all, we all live in the same planet and are inspired by the same nature, shapes, colours, textures... Nothing is invented, it already was. What we as artists do, is really re-invent or re-design over existing ideas. Ideas live in a big bank to which we all have access; no wonder why we see the repetitiveness of ideas from artist to artist. There's definitely a difference between "being inspired" and "copying". When we create something inspired by someone else's, it inevitably translates itself into our own language, passing through a filter between the images we first see and assimilate, and what we end up "creating". Nobody copies nobody (generally), specially because that "nobody" didn't really invented it himself. It was also a redesign of what he first saw, sometimes not even remembering where or when.

Well...(That was a hard one...ha ha ha) that being said, here's another example of similitude (after Shag's Case Study House #2), or of Universal Idea. One is an image from The Jetsons and the other is from the talented Canadian Designer Carolyn Gavin, for a Today's Parent issue on Parks. I just want you to note the plant and planter, at the left on The Jetsons' and at the right on Carolyn's. Check her out, she's great.

Ideas really fly.


  1. I wish they would release the Second making of the Jetsons from the (I think) 80's. I have the first and only season available on DVD, but the others aren't available. :(

  2. I know, they weren't as popular so they had to stop (I think). Can't still believe it.

  3. What keen observational skills you have! I was loving the purple flowers on the right in Gavin's design and only then noticed them in the Jetsons image.

    I'm a big fan of Carolyn Gavin's designs.