Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome !

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. I'm a mom of two, so you'll guess I'm always busy. Combining both job and motherhood isn't easy, but at the same time that's usually where you get the inspiration and motivation from.

I usually get inspired after lunch, when my two-year old takes her nap. This is when I got time to paint, meditate, research, and get creative. I'm always in pj's, so old I wouldn't mind getting some paint on them, so we can say I'm always ready to paint after my princess falls asleep.

One of the projects I worked on during my "spiritual brake" was my dining table. We used to have a big rectangular one, but we moved it to my studio because my baby hit her head every time she ran by. Silicone protectors didn't work, so we carried upstairs an old rounded wooden table to replace ours. I painted it orange since I have an obsession on this colour, and added brown stretched spots to pretend the circle was been pulled from the outside. With the first spots, it looked like a flower to my nine-year old boy. Too "girly" he said. After I was done, it was the coolest thing. I called it "Sun Spots".

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