Friday, March 27, 2009

"Gotham City"

Talking about weekends...I wrote the last post a few minutes ago on Thursday, convinced that it was Friday. I must be excited about a possible post of one of my paintings on Cathy Nichols' "Found Art Friday" posts on her blog.

I was just playing with some cutouts and cutout leftovers when I realized I had a cityscape. The sky was lime green and the buildings were purple. I added a moon, a sun, doors, some skyscrapers and..."Gotham City" was born. I guess the neon colours and circus-like environment reminded me of Gotham. It's magical...perfect location for a crazy weekend...talking about weekends, have a good one !


p.s: That's supposed to be a rose.


  1. this is really great. i love it. i'm an interior designer who paints too! congrats on your new blog. i'll be back!

  2. Thank you girl !!!! You are my first person to comment ! I'm sooooooooo excited !!!!