Sunday, May 23, 2010


A rootless, floating, and spinning tree who was spontaneously born, and whose branches keep spreading to nest all sorts of living beings...birds, flowers, fruits, and little monsters.
mixed media on board


  1. Hey, Veronica!
    Remember me, from Pop Circus?
    I'm sorry that it's been ages since I've stopped by. You know how life can be... But I never stopped loving your artwork. In fact, I see that your pieces still have that beautiful magic quality, bursting with fantastic colors and whimsy!

    This piece, in particular, is wonderful! And it reminds me of Spin Art that I made at school carnivals as a little boy. Are you familiar with that? It's when the "canvas" is attatched to a base that spins really super fast, and you drip different colors of paint over it while it's spinning so that the colors splatter and create neat random patterns. Your piece doesn't look exactly like that, but it does conjure up the general idea. At least, for me it does... :)

    I hope to drop by more often, now.
    So I'll see ya 'round...
    'Kay, bye!

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