Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update on my life

I just noticed my last post was # 100 !!!

Time passes by so fast.

Yes, I've been away from the blogosphere for a while, so I'm just going to make a little update about my life lately.

So, we were back home (Colombia) for Christmas holidays and had the best time ever ! Family wedding, boat trips, lots of sun, pool, ocean, parties, even fishing. So, for my sister's wedding my mom made this beautiful, orange, origami lilies that I taught her how to do through Skype!!! Can you believe that ? That was hilarious. (Before you think that orange is weird for weddings: It was a VERY tropical wedding). A friend of us who is a landscape and floral designer did the rest. The long, linen shirt that the men are wearing is called "Guayabera". It's a very typical and traditional Caribbean outfit. The location was beautiful. They got married in Cartagena, a old, beautiful colonial city in the coast of Colombia. It took place at the Convention Center, more exactly the terrace from where you can see the ocean and the boats coming in and out. Sunset. It was amazing. The orchestra played Cuban music most of the time. Check out the pics.

For New Year's, we travelled to my husbands home town, Santa Marta, were my children had a blast. My husband and son love fishing, water skiing, everything related to water. We spent some awesome time with our families and friends. Check our landscape!!! Ocean and mountain together.

We came back to Canada the fourth of January, and a couple weeks later I had the exhibition shown on the post below. Right now, I'm taking an online Photoshop course. I want to explore with more photographic resources for my art and illustration, and in that way I can combine my art with these two frustrated passions.

Well, that's too much talking. I know, I'm just a BIG chatter.

See ya !!!!

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